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It is my greatest passion to capture the authentic + messy moments in life! These moments hold so much beauty and tell the best stories. I would be so honored to be your photographer! I don’t care what your style is, or what you choose to wear, I want to showcase YOU! Let's create something that brings out your personality and your uniqueness! I'm into whatever you’re into!

I'm in love with little details and emotions! I’m a big fan of  getting up close and personal for my shoots. I want to photograph their hand on your cheek, or your feet in the sand - little things that might otherwise be forgotten. As your wedding photographer, I will make sure to capture every big moment, of course, but you can expect lots of detail shots from me!


I'm a wedding + portrait photographer based in mid-Michigan! I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember and it's a huge dream to be able to run this business! 

I love adventure + art + people + music + food + lots of other things!

Here's why:

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life! don't just settle for mediocre photos and a photographer that has little to no experience. As your photographer, I promise to deliver quality photos that will still bring you the feels 10 years down the line! I promise to capture emotion, detail, + personality in every shot! I put so much thought into every picture I take + edit!

the wedding experience 
 I'm here for you! 

I want your wedding day to be stress-free! I'd love to be a part of every moment of your day! You don't know how to create a wedding day schedule? I got you! Need some ideas for decor? I'm here for ya! Looking for vendors? I'll send you my favorites! Wondering whom to hire for hair + makeup? ANYTHING YOU NEED! I'll be there! 

Relax! I'll guide you!

If you've never been in front of a camera before, or even if you have, it can feel very awkward at first. IT'S A REAL STRUGGLE, AND IT'S NOT JUST YOU! But don't worry! I will give you direction and guidance, all while making sure I capture true emotion and lots of movement! For example: Instead of telling you to stand in a certain spot, or to put your hands in a specific place, I'll tell you to pull each other in close for a kiss - something that allows for creativity and real emotion. I'm super into documenting your uniqueness as a couple!  


Any questions I didn't answer? Feel free to contact me here!

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